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What we offer

Talking about custom web application development, we mean a whole range of distinct services. They include enterprise and customer research, design wireframing and prototyping, architecture planning, frontend and backend coding, optimization, maintenance, DevOps, and so on.

Feel free to check examples of the most demanded services in our web app development company. And don’t forget to contact us in case you need something unique – we surely can check your requirements and propose suitable solutions.
  • Website and web app development

  • Blockchain solutions

  • CRM and CMS solutions

  • Cross-platform development

  • Enterprise solution architecture

  • GUI and UI/UX design

  • Open-source development

  • Progressive web app development

  • SaaS development

  • Software optimization and migration

  • Tech support and maintenance

  • Testing and quality assurance

free consulting on web application development
Online and mobile web solutions are core bridges between your business and clients. Web app development helps people learn more about your company, check the services and products, contact your team, interact with various solutions: catalogs, order forms, videos, etc. If you need a new tool, want to improve an existing app, or require thorough research, we’re ready to help with all these web application development services.

We provide custom web app development, cross-platform development, design, web consulting, legacy modernization, system integration, and lifelong support. You can quickly get the solution you need, from simple websites to advanced dynamic web apps with the tailored client- and server-side modules. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our web application development company if you have any questions or ideas to discuss.

Benefits from our web app development services

Web app development services are complex, but they focus on your end goals always. We value your time, so all our services are client-centered. We offer custom cooperation models with changeable schedules, engagement and payment schemes. Through cooperation with our custom web application development company, you get the most critical enterprise values:

Complete understanding of your needs

In-depth business analysis helps us reveal your requirements, identify business gaps, and deliver software that fills them.

Fast and responsive solutions

You will get an app with UI and UX compatible with various platforms and browsers. We use advanced tools to minimize response time.

Reduction of development expenses

Eventually, you cut development time and costs thanks to custom Agile approaches. We work for the result, not hours.

Transparent project control

Using our monitoring service called Customer Portal, you can check all data about your projects, manage changes, and communicate with us.

Our web application development process

Our approach to website application development relies on a few general rules of software development. We have experience in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall models but suggest sticking to the first one as it offers the best outcomes, helps to control and deliver efficiently.

Requirements gathering and analysis

First and foremost, you express your ideas, wishes, limitations, functional and non-functional requirements personally, in text or voice. Our Business Analysts check everything, and the project team identifies the best possible solution. This stage results in detailed project plans and SRS.

Basic design, wireframing

Further, developers and designers start working on the basic wireframes – structures of your future application, so-called blueprints. Further, we also create mockups to show how texts, graphics, and other elements will fit the basic structure. This stage helps to get a general idea of your custom web application.

Architecture planning and prototyping

This phase focuses on UI/UX design and prototyping – the creation of interactive demos of your app. As well, you can get the MVP to test the app’s viability without spending a lot of time and money. This step of website application development delivers architecture basics, too.

Frontend and backend development

After designs and interfaces are approved, we hand over all UI/UX elements and kits to the dev team. Frontend and backend coding provide for the creation of client- and server-side parts of the app. You can check the results regularly, submit change requests, and discuss your ideas with our team.

Testing and QA

Iterative testing helps us to get rid of bugs and ensure that the developed software meets your requirements and other metrics. Our clients get the full range of manual and automated testing services: functional, integration, interoperability, scalability, security, system, usability, and other types of testing.


Once the final build is completed, tested, and approved, you can get it together with all the related elements: UI/UX, documentation, code, etc. Usually, you should finish the deployment via your environment. However, our developers and test engineers can help with this stage, too.

Maintenance and upgrades

After deployment, your custom web application is live. But we provide full tech support and maintenance. At any moment, you can return and ask to fix some things, add or remove features, change the design, optimize legacy modules, migrate data, etc. Moreover, we handle upgrades of third-party applications.