Software architecture design

What we offer

Software system architecture planning is a complex process. It involves in-depth research, requirements gathering, gap analysis, and various estimations. First and foremost, with us, you get a thorough review of your functional and non-functional requirements. We align your system architecture with these needs to ensure that the software works correctly, provides the required functions. As well, you get tailored estimations of the total cost of ownership, scope, timelines, etc.

Talking about exact software design and architecture options, there are different patterns and solutions. It may be difficult to filter the most suitable ones. Our experts can help by analyzing your business, software, goals, and ways to achieve them. Usually, we suggest one of the five best practices during our software architecture consulting. If you want to get another solution, don’t hesitate to express your needs, so we can research and propose more tailored options.
  • Event-driven architecture

    Many programs may spend much time waiting for the actual tasks. To minimize this waiting time and improve performance, you can get event-driven architecture. Basically, it features a central hub that delegates tasks to modules. Each transfer is known as an event, and functional parts launch only when they see it.
  • Microkernel or plug-in architecture

    The majority of digital solutions rely on several repetitive processes like “extract, name, upload” or “download, validate, send”, etc. You can put these core tasks into the microkernel. Also, you can get various plug-ins for more specific processes. With this architecture, you can simplify routine but keep tasks flexible.
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    • Microservices architecture

      Instead of monoliths with poor performance over time, microservices offer a simpler and flexible approach. Software design and architecture provide for several small programs that cover specific functional areas, focusing on a single responsibility. Microservices can interact with each other and launch only when needed.
    • Multi-tier or N-tier architecture

      This model provides for several layers built around one core database. When information enters such a solution, it interacts with all layers subsequently, from top to bottom. Each tier has specific tasks: data validation, reformatting, demonstration, storing. This software system architecture focuses on the segregation of presentation and data processing, scalability, and security.
    • Space-based architecture

      While the multi-tier architecture relies on databases, it can fail under high load. To avoid this, you can use the space-based model. It divides processing and storage tasks between different servers, using multiple nodes for data-related processes. Thus, you can eliminate databases and store datum in RAM to speed up basic things.
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    Software development begins with software architecture designs. This initial stage provides for building the first model, analyzing requirements and final goals. Our architects design the most efficient concepts to meet your needs. As a result, you get a tailored software architecture design that defines structures, use cases, and requirements for your digital solution

    Today, you want to get robust, scalable, and adaptable architecture. To get such a platform that will enable core values for your business, professional expertise is required. We’re ready to help you through custom software architect design. With us, you can make the most efficient architectural decisions: languages, frameworks, platforms.

    Benefits from software system architecture

    IT architecture services from MAYA offer a few notable advantages. Mainly, we always focus on the final result, ensuring that you get exactly what you need. For our clients, we offer various solutions regarding software development architecture, from slight customization to complete planning from scratch.

    Working with our experts, you can be sure that your software architecture and design is controlled by the smartest minds here. They know a lot about IT architecture services, including design, domains, methods, and technologies.

    Eventually, our enterprise architecture services result in:

    Complete understanding of the stakeholders’ requirements

    We carefully analyze your needs to provide the most relevant architecture plan. Be sure to share all your ideas, goals, and pain points with us.

    Detailed structure of the digital system

    To ensure the quality and reliability, we map each project in detail. You can check the detailed plans of your architecture designs at any time.

    Improved market competitive advantage

    Thanks to the user-focused custom approach, we develop unique solutions and designs for each customer. That’s why your architectures will be exclusive.

    Various scenarios and cases for your solution

    Depending on your requirements, we can tailor the designed architecture to different use cases. Again, it’s essential to communicate properly to get the best software.

    Our custom software design and architecture

    Architecture-related services include several phases. Everything begins with software architecture consulting, during which we analyze the target environment for the requested solution. The next steps include the design or, in other words, the development of architecture. You can see how the solution works thanks to various tests and evaluations. As well, you can get further upgrades from our team to keep your software efficient and optimized.

    You can be sure of the quality of architecture because we adhere to SOLID principles of design and programming. They help to minimize errors and boost project success chances.


    Helps to understand the environmental features and gather your requirements. We collect functional requirements that include the requested features of the system. Non-functional ones reflect the desired performance levels. A software architect consultant provides cost and time estimations, proposed architectural solutions.


    After software architecture consulting, actual development begins. The gathered requirements help us to develop suitable architectures and implement them.


    Through several evaluation rounds, we check how the system is working, is it satisfying core requirements. Tests run regularly during and after the design phase.


    At any time after the completion, you can get your architecture redesigned or upgraded. Maintenance helps to add new modules and optimize existing ones.

    What impacts your project duration

    Software architecture consulting can’t be estimated before initial discussion and, ideally, requirements gathering. We have to understand:

    • Project requirements
    • Expected deadlines
    • Team composition
    • The available technologies and platforms
    • The chosen architectural pattern

    What affects your project costs

    All software architecture projects are different in expenses, as well. To estimate costs, a software architecture consultant needs the set of your requirements:

    • Project scope and complexity
    • The chosen technology
    • Project completion urgency
    • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
    • Customization of generic architectural components

    What we need from your side

    Your contribution is required for the best results. Without close cooperation between developers and clients, software architecture consulting and design projects are virtually doomed. Your exact responsibilities often include:
    • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
    • High-level project requirements
    • Project-specific documentation if available, e.g., software architecture and mockups
    • A couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions
    • Project deadlines