Software architecture design

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Software architecture

You can get professional assistance during all outsource software development services, including planning. Our experts can suggest the best architecture options and structures for your software platform. Through detailed consultations, you can learn how one or another software architecture meets your business goals, aligns with your business logic, and helps reach the desired goals. Various reporting formats like UML diagrams are available. This service works for re-engineering projects, as well.
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UI/UX design

UI/UX design services come both as a separate task and as a part of broader development projects. Thanks to detailed user interfaces and user experience options based on your company goals and other features, you can improve customer satisfaction. You can easily get different interfaces for different solutions, including responsive UI for disabled people. We use sophisticated tools such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Adobe Creative Suite.
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Web app development

You can get various web software development services with adaptive interfaces: public, corporate, protected, and other options. These tools can work under high load, meet the needs of end-users. Solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Moreover, all the products can be developed as cross-browser apps for seamless work in any environment and for any end-user. Finally, if you need localization of any web application, we’re ready to provide this service, as well.
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Mobile app development

Similarly to web apps, we design, develop, and implement mobile solutions. Our specialists offer custom software development services with apps for iOS, Android, and other less popular systems, including custom bases. For cross-platform experience, we utilize the best tools, including Xamarin, React, and Flutter. Native, mobile, and hybrid solutions are available for all our customers, so you can choose the most suitable offer that meets your goals. Mobile apps can be integrated with other software solutions.
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Software support

You can get continuous technical support and maintenance for all clients. Our teams can help with software solutions developed by MAYA, as well as products of other vendors. This service includes bug fixing, minor updates, and other custom requests agreed with the clients. Our support assistants work according to your business schedules: 24/7, 24/5, 12/5, 8/5, on-call. Feel free to leave custom requests if you need extra support or if your working schedule differs.
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Manual testing

Our QA engineers have experience in all types of manual testing: acceptance, beta, black box, exploratory, integration, smoke, system, unit, usability, etc. The process begins with an assessment of your business requirements and goals, analysis of software features. Further, you get detailed plans of testing strategies, test cases, and actual results of manual testing with regular and transparent reporting. This service can be ordered as a separate process or as a part of the software development lifecycle.
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Automated testing

Provided for better continuous delivery, automated testing services (input-output, integration, performance, regression, security, UI, unit) help optimize development, improve general QA results, cut testing costs, and make a better product much faster. You can get automated testing for any project. The most popular cases include web, mobile, desktop, and cloud development, as well as API integration and tuning. The tech stack relies on Selenium, mainly.
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MAYA's services cover everything you need for software development. We can tailor exclusive services for you to meet any needs of your business. Contact a specialist today to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can serve you.
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software team extension

Team extension

Are you looking for additional resources, skills, expertise to extend your software product development team? We provide professional IT staff augmentation with a deep understanding of your business. To start hiring experienced developers with us, just send your request with the number of people you need, their seniority level, and the skills they have to possess to work on your project.
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How we work

We provide custom software development services according to a standard-based development process. Regardless of the service type, we handle on-time, on-scope and on-budget work to deliver the best outcomes. Key stages of software development services include:

Business analysis

Architecture planning

Quality assurance

Further tech support

Initial designing and wireframing

Full-cycle development