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Gaming platforms

With the right software solutions and development methods, we can make your operations more efficient. In addition, our experts plan, analyse and execute IT projects for game with in-depth knowledge of your area..

Live Platform System

At MAYA Technologies, we will provide dedicated team involvement, flexible terms and conditions for cooperation and collaboration, high availability of resources and the ability to deliver the smooth operational processes and execution required by our clients.

Social Communication Software System

While developing Social Communication Softwares for your industry, we consider the challenges you address: the need for better customer experience, improved security, higher brand loyalty, and increased revenue.

Cloud System Construction

Leveraging our past successes, our innovative software is further equipped with advanced technologies to modernize legacy legacy systems, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain and Cloud for real-time monitoring calculate.

Big Data Database Construction

We have a big data database and have extensive experience in developing customised software products. Our solutions offer all core functions and modules, as well as advanced features such as predictive analytics, IoT, robotic process automation and more.

Customized Internal ERP System

We are ableto meet the different needs of different types of businesses and make corresponding system adjustments for specific industries, so that each customer can enjoy the most convenient and smooth system services.

Other Industry

Maya Technology offers a wide range of customized solutions. For customers in different fields, we use professional consultation, data collection, and the introduction of relevant software systems to calculate the most suitable corresponding solution for each customer.