MAYA focus on multimedia, games, social, audio-visual platforms, and have perfect and powerful software development expertise

Data science

From a macro perspective, we help major companies build diverse design content and provide mainstream block technology assistance such as game software design, multimedia system core, and virtual reality, which can improve consumers perception of enterprise platforms in terms of entertainment or education, etc. A positive sense of identity.

Big Data

Accurate big data vectoring solutions for your projects and maximising the use of the information you provide. We offer software architecture consultancy and analysis tools, as well as custom development. We can also assist in planning data warehouses, ETL, data modelling, data warehousing and support Hadoop and MapReduce. can save a lot of time in data processing and effectively increase your company's revenue.

Cloud service

Build and deploy powerful web and cloud applications and services in minutes with our cloud services. Use MAYA Cloud Services to keep applications available at all times and redirect traffic from problematic instances to healthy, functioning instances. After the application is deployed, MAYA takes care of the rest (from deployment to load balancing). Your applications are backed by an industry-leading 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for peace of mind.


We provide blockchain software development projects, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies. Due to the prevalence of decentralized technology, mature blockchain software can eliminate the need for intermediaries in the processes of payment, smart contracts, and asset management. MAYA's expertise includes blockchain applications in supply chain, digital identity, security and financial services.
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Business Analysis and Reporting

We build and refine business analytics software to ensure faster planning, analysis and reporting. Our technology stack and expertise includes BI and ETL tools, databases and analytics servers. Here are areas where MAYA can help you with the right technology: data quality management, data visualization, self-service BI, historical and real-time data governance, data preparation, advanced analytics, data warehouse development, modernization and more.

Machine learning

MAYA's machine learning is a new application function, which can help to automatically analyze and obtain rules from a large amount of data, and can optimize software performance, thereby simplifying real-time decision-making, subdividing customers, automatic recommendation systems, visualizing data and detecting Credit card fraud, analyzing markets and more. MAYA's team will help your company identify the most valuable machine learning applications within your organization.

Top team

MAYA's engineers come from various fields, have diverse characteristics, and all have a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm for software development. Whether it is cross-platform technology integration research and development, system integration analysis, software engineering, etc., they are all top-notch in the industry. MAYA's team will be able to Assist partners to formulate project process and design direction in the shortest time, reduce lengthy back and forth discussions and maximize value in the shortest time.